Peyton Cardoza

Honey And Glass

Peyton Cardoza

ukulele Beginner beginner


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Honey And Glass

Capo on 3rd fret

Verse 1:

Am You know these kinds of girls who look like they're made C7M Of honey and glass, like…sticky-sweet…ash G And you can't…get the taste off your tongue? G Burnt…sugar and a little bit of rum Am And she's dancing in the rain with her clothes on C7M Drenched to the bone, never knows when she´ all gone G But she's the life of the party and deep down I know G That nobody flinches when she takes off her clothes Am And I wonder what's it like to be one of those girls C7M G To sit in the sun, and look at the world and never think G "Wow, am I enough " Am Cause life is easy when you know you're the main character C7M And I'm sitting here, thinking this is not fair G But her smile makes it hard to be mad G It's not her fault that I'm so fucking sad
Am So I'll sit here and look at these girls in the sun C7M Dancing in the rain and just having their fun G And maybe one day I can forget the past G And be one of those girls of honey and glass
Ponte Am C7M G G

Verse 2:

Am But I think that it´ hard for people to see C7M That I love all these girls and honestly G It doesn't matter what you look like or how much you weigh G It´ just that these girls know they're ok Am There's a beauty in knowing your place in the world C7M In loving yourself and knowing your worth G You don´t have to be perfect and never get sad G That's not what it means to be honey and glass Am And everyone has their highs and their lows C7M Their nights they spend crying believe me I know G I don´t want to be these girls for beauty or fame G But for the confidence, they have in their own dame name
Am So I´ll sit here and look at these girls in the sun C7M Dancing in the rain and just having their fun G And I know it doesn´t make sense to forget the past G But I promise one day you´ll be honey and glass
Final Am C7M G G
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