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And I Love You So Ukulele tab

Perry Como

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by Tchucow

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And I Love You So

(Don McLean)

  		G9  Am7  D7/9 
G9              Am7            D9/F#* 
And I love you so, C D E D C B  A 
                   G9        Em 
The people ask me how, G F#  E 
 Em/D                Am7  G/B  C 
How I've lived till now 
                      D9/F#   G9 
I tell them I don't know 
                    Am7               D9/F#* 
I guess they understand   C D E D C B  A 
                     G9         Em 
How lonely life has been  G F#  E 
 Em/D              Am7 
But   life began again 
     D9/F#            G9 
The day you took my hand 
And yes I know how lonely life can be 
The shadows follow me 
The night won't set me free 
       Em9          Am9 
But I don't let the evening get me down 
      D9/F#                   G9 
Now that   you're around.... me 
G9               Am7             D9/F#* 
And you love me too  C D E D C B  A 
                           G9       Em 
Your thoughts are just for me G F#  E 
 Em/D               Am7  G/B  C 
You set my spirit free 
                   D9/F#   G9 
I'm happy that you do 
                    Am7               D9/F#* 
The book of life is brief  C D E D C B  A 
                    G9         Em 
Once the page is read    G F#  E 
 Em/D             Am7 
All but live is dead 
     D9/F#     G9 
This is  my believe 
Colaboração de Roberto Crescioni 
[email protected] 
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