Life In The Corduroy Universe


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Life In The Corduroy Universe

	  		D                          C 
   I drew a picture in the color of you 
   G                                             D 
   Hoping that something about it might make you change 
   Cuz I know what it's like 
   And you know what it's like 
   To feel strange 

D                            C 
   I tried to wake myself up early today 
   G                          D 
   Alternating currents in my brain 
         C                                G 
   Cuz I find myself here waiting for the same thing everyday 
                      D           C G D C G        D 
   And it's not gonna cha a a...               ... ange 

   C G D C G  
D                         C 
   I saw the signal on the back of your hand 
   G                           D 
   Put it on your lap as if to say 
   Would you leave me alone 
   I'd feel better at home 
   When you're away 

D                               C 
   I tried to block out all the outside noise 
     G                                   D 
   I tried to make a move that made some sense 
         C                           G 
   But I fumble and politely ask you please to disregard 
                D          C G D C G      D 
   Everything I sa a a...             ... ay 

   C G D C G D 
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