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Thank You For The Good Times Ukulele tab


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by chrisaraiva

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Thank You For The Good Times


Dsus4 Dsus4   G   G/F#  Em7   A   A   A  G   D   D   D 

Dsus4 Who Will Rise? G G/F# Em7 It would be so nice to hear you say, A "Thank You For The Good Times" G Dsus4 Before the good times fly a---way.
Verse1: Dsus4 Your eyes are telling lies, G G/F# Em7 Some other storys on the way, A It's so nice, G Dsus4 But don't let the good times fly a---way. Bridge1: Em7 G Bm Bm I drink to every sucker standing here, Em7 G Bm Bm A-mong the few who try to teach the years. Em7 G Bm Bm There's always one of us who's blown a-way, Em7 G A A Or strapped and stopped for breath along the way. Chorus 2: Same as Chorus 1 Instrumental: Dsus4 Dsus4 G G/F# Em7 A A G Dsus4 Bridge 2: Same as Bridge 1 Chorus 3: Same as Chorus 1 and 2 Outro: Dsus4 Dsus4 Dsus4 Dsus4 Play 4 times
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