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Pass Me Down The Wine Ukulele tab


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by crisaraujo

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Pass Me Down The Wine

Capo on 2nd fret
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. Chords used: Em Am D7 G A7sus4 A e|--0----0----2----3-----3----0---| B|--0----1----1----3-----3----2---| G|--0----2----2----0-----0----2---| D|--2----2----0----0-----2----2---| A|--2----0----X----2-----0----0---| E|--0----X----X----3-----X----X---| this little riff is repeated during the song: e|--3-3-2-2-0--3-3-2-2-0---2-2-2-3-2-0---3-3-5-3-7-0------| B|--------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Em Em Am Will you pass me down the wine? It's getting near that time D7 Am Em What you got tomorrow? Only pain and sorrow Em Am Will you dance for me tonight? I promise I won't bite D7 Am Em Let's go see the sun burst, wait til I go numb first G A7sus4 D7 Am And in the morning come to us G A7sus4 D7 Am Em and if the evening showers us, sing to us (repeat verse 1) Will you break it down for me? cos what will be will be I can hear the thunder, gonna stop the hunger G A7sus4 D7 Am And in the morning come to us G A7sus4 D7 Am Em and if the evening showers us, sing to us A Em To all my sisters yeah you're looking pretty fine A Em And to all my brothers I bet you're feeling kinda high A Em And to all the mothers well come on now, don't be shy A Em And to all the fathers who are sick and fucking tired instrumental: G A7sus4 D7 Am (x6)
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Em e|--3-3-2-2-0--| B|-------------| G|-------------| (x4) D|-------------| A|-------------| E|-------------|
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