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I'm So Sorry Tony Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by terr%5Fschmitz

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I'm So Sorry Tony

Intro: Am Em F C Dm C G G# 

verse 1 

A           C#                   D           A 
I've never known a better writer or a better guy 
F#m                       E               D                 A 
His songs wouldn't just touch you, they'd punch you in the eye 
 D                           A                             C#                   F#m 
It doesn't happen a lot, but everybody says the same that he wasn't supposed to die 
Bm                  D 
So let's clink our beers 
And give three cheers 
To Tony Sly  

verse 2 

A                              C# 
I never heard a bad word about him 
        D               A  
I never heard a bad melody 
        F#m      E             D                A 
His dying isn't tragic: itís a fucking catastrophe 
       D                                E 
 I've lost my parents, and so many friends 
    C#          F#m  
I take it "c'est la vie" 
     Bm           D          Dm      A 
 It's nothing like losing my friend Tony  

verse 3 

A               C#              D               A 
Sometimes on weekends when our kids'd hang out together 
 F#m          E              D              A 
Keira tells Darla that her dad's songs are better 
And I think she's sad    
E                             C# 
cause tomorrow she hopes her dad 
 is coming home  
Bm              D               Dm 
Cuz he told her that three years ago on the phone  

Bridge 1 

F#m                     F#m/F 
Tony, you make me see myself 
F#m/E           Bm 
 In a way I don't wanna see 
F#m        F#m/F   F#m/E        Bm  
Do I have to stop living so recklessly? 
So I can be the father, I know I can be  

Bridge 2 

F#m Bm E A G# (x2) 

verse 4 

A               C# 
All the endless nights we had 
D            A  
20 years of laughs 
F#m                E          D     A  
I've looked, but I can't find any photographs 
D                      E  
Of us because it's weird to take  
C#              F#m 
Photos with your best friends  
Bm                  D 
Cause you don't think 
          Dm            A 
 That you never see them again  

Verse 5 

A                       C# 
I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you 
D                          A  
When you needed me in the end 
 F#m                 E 
I was there to give you eulogy 
D                            A  
But not when you needed a friend  
D                               E                         C#            F#m 
And when they lowered your body into the ground even the piper began to cry 
From coast to coast 
D                       Dm  
Let's raise our drinks and give a toast 
 To Tony Sly 
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