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60 Percent Reprise Ukulele tab


Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by fernsantana

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60 Percent Reprise

Intro: G Em C Cm 

verse 1 

G                                    Em 
   We're the band with our own label 
                            C        Cm           G                  
That's money under the table, that's answering to no one 
still, bands just love to hate us 
                    C   Cm                 G 
Talking shit behind us, but smiling to our face 
verse 2 

       A#                           Gm 
That's OK, it's not that they don't like us 
                      D#       D#m 
They're just a little jealous, cause 
we're having more fun 
(the band that wouldn't die) 
                                Gm                 D# 
We're the self-crowned kings of candor, sultans of slander 
   D#m          A# 
Bastions of D.I.Y. 

verse 3 
C                           F                           A# 
   Which means we make more money, we've got better prescriptions 
                    Gm                                     C 
We own most our own music, no one's got their hands in our pockets 
                 F                        A# 
We don't have management, we get to play loaded 
and only 3 months a year 
                    C                        F 
Some years we just take off, vacations are a write off, 
and so is goin' out (fuck us) 
I suppose that's how we'll go out, 
       D#      D#m           A# 
played out and way after our time 

Gm          D#   D#m 
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