Way Beyond Myself


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Way Beyond Myself

(Michael Tait & Wes Campbell)

	  		Intro: Eb Bb F (2x) 

Verse 1 
I've been thinking it's about time 
To win the war that fights against 
All the lies invading my mind 
You have brought me to my senses 
       Eb                   Bb 
Even though You built this world to shake 
           Gm            F 
You still love me in a personal way 
       Eb                 Bb               F 
So I think it's time to leave my doubt behind 

Eb Bb There's so much more than meets they eye F Or what's going on inside Gm I believe in something way beyond myself Eb Bb Like the wind that moves the leaves F Lord, You move me to my knees Gm I'm giving in to something way beyond myself
Eb Bb F (2x) Verse 2: Oh the way we build our empires Hoping to impress our friends We've forgotten how to inspire Those who fall to rise again Oh my God, You've built this world to shake You still love me in a personal way So I think it's time to leave my doubt behind Bridge: Cm Bb Storms are gonna come my way, I know Eb F Some things are out of our control but there's a hope beyond myself Cm Bb It's You and You will never let me go Eb F Now I want my life to show You got me thinking beyond myself Eb Bb F Gm Way beyond myself
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