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The King Is Coming Ukulele tab


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by tercmoraes

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The King Is Coming


Em               Bm      A 
Empty hearts are filling up 
Em              Bm       A 
Wicked ways are coming undone 
Em           Bm      A       G 
Every eye is looking out for You 
Em              Bm      A 
City lights are burning out 
Em                Bm       A 
Freedom's song is ringing loud 
Em              Bm         A       G 
Dead men waking up to the sound of You 
And all our hearts can sing 

All our hearts can sing is 

D Make a way for Bm Make a way for Em D/F# G A Make a way for the King The King is coming
VERSE 2 Em Bm A Split the sky with your glory Em Bm A Bring to life an awakening Em Bm A G Burn away everything thats not for You Em Bm A Hear our voices crying out Em Bm A We wont stop til heavens come down Em Bm A G We wont stop til every knee bows to You A And all our hearts will sing is BRIDGE D Open up the doors Bm Open up the doors G Lift your eyes to see A Our King is coming
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