Spirit Thing




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Spirit Thing

Year: 1994 - Album: Greatest Hits

	  		Capo I 

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Intro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------5-----5------0---------------------------------------------------------- --3h4----4-----4---0---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro2/Chorus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------2---------3---------2---------0--------------------------------------- --0--3------0--3------0--3------0--2-----3-2---------------------------------- Solo A ------0-----0----------0-----0------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --3h4----4-----4---4h6----6-----6--------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Solo B (comes in after 2 of measure A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------0-------------------------0---------------------------------- --0h2--0--3---0------3-2----0h2--0--3---0------------------------------------- End (fade out) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------5----------------------------------------------------------------------- --3h4----4-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CHORDS ------- ---------------------------------------------------- | Spirit Thing | | by: Newsboys | | CD: Going Public | | from: [email protected] (Tim Berg) | | edited by: [email protected] (Brian Kurtyka) | | copyright: Star Song Communications | ---------------------------------------------------- INTRO: e-----1---1----- B-0h1---1---1--- G--------------- Fm Db Ab Eb (x4) VERSE 1: Ab Db It's not a family trait Eb It's nothing that I ate Db And it didn't come from skating with holy rollers Ab Db It's an early warning sign Eb It keeps my life in line Db But, it's so hard to define never mind
Fm It's just a Spirit thing Db It's like a holy nudge Ab Eb It's like a circuit judge in the brain Fm It's just a Spirit thing Db It's here to guard my heart Ab Eb It's just a little hard to explain
VERSE 2: Ab Db It pushes when I quit Eb It smells a counterfeit Db Sometimes, it works a bit like a teleprompter Ab Db When it's teleprompting you Eb I pray you'll let it through Db And I'll help you with the how, but for now Chorus PSEUDO-BRIDGE: Fm Bb (x6) BRIDGE: (Continue Chord Progression) I've took the pulput then backed down again Some things in heaven cannot be explained Chorus
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