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Live With Abandon Ukulele tab


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by paulantunes

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Live With Abandon

  		Newsboys Live With Abandon 

Intro: C Dm F Fsus2 

verse 1: 
 C            Dm                  F     Fsus2 
Chasing after this world makes me tired 
 C              Dm             F   Fsus2 
Praisin' my own name leaves me dry 

                 C               Dm 
There's gotta be so much more to life than this 
F                Fsus2 
A higher calling that I missed 
C                 Dm           F      Fsus2 
I want my life to count, every breath 

F C I wanna live with abandon Dm F Fsus2 Give You all that I am C Every part of my heart Jesus Dm F Fsus2 I place in Your hands C I wanna live with abandon
verse 2: I'll drop everything to follow You It's only Your hands I hold onto Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: C I'm not looking back Dm I'm done with that F Fsus2 Wanna give You all I have Chorus
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