Elle G


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Elle G

Year: 1994 - Album: Going Public

	  		Verse: 1 

  Dm               C               F 
Thumbs out on a desert road I am told 
Leads to nowhere 
 Dm               C 
Any shade is as good as the next 
           F           Am 
If your shadow doesn't go there 
 Em                 F 
Week seven: Did you really assume 
     Am                        G 
I'd find some solace from the letter in your room? 
  Em                   F 
Next life, could you kindly refain 
       Am                       G 
From throwing yourself at the mercy of a train? 

Chorus 1 
  Am         Dm        G 
Silence all, nobody breathe 
             C                   F 
How in the world could you just leave? 
You promised you would 
Silence that evil with good 
 Am         Dm            G 
Hear me out, I have the floor 
                   C                  F 
I'll give you my tears, I'll listen more 
You promised you would 
 F                      Dm  C  F Am Dm C F Am Dm 
Overcome evil with good 

verse 2 
 Dm                     C                 F 
Maybe this world is a barren place for a soul 
Prone to get lost 
 Dm                               C 
But heaven still hounds from the smallest sounds 
         F           Am 
To the cries of the storm-tossed 
  Em               F 
Week nine: I am writing in the sand 
 Am                         G 
Any little clue that could help me understand 
  Em                     F 
Every whispered secret, every muffled sigh 
  Am                       G 
Every half-truth that was added to a lie 

Chorus 2 
 Am         Dm       G 
Silence all, nobody move 
                   C                    F 
I've got to know now what you hoped to prove 
You promised you would 
Silence that evil with good 
  Am             Dm              G 
Shame feeds guilt, guilt needs release 
You took it to God 
You made your peace 
And swore that you would 
Overcome evil with good 

Am  F  C F G Dm C Em Dm G 

verse 3 
  Em               F 
Every old demon playing back the crime 
  Am                            G 
If they needed blood, I'd have gladly given mine 
  Em                    F 
A Child of the Kingdom; still an invalid 
Forgive her, please Father 
She don't know what she did 

Chorus 3 
 Am         Dm           G 
Silence all, now go to sleep 
              C                 F 
The water's free, the well is deep 
How can we return 
That which we never could earn? 
Am     Dm                G 
God, I long to see her face 
We haven't a hope 
Beyond Your grace 
I know that You will 
Overcome evil 
For good 
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