Beautiful Sounds




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Beautiful Sounds

Capo on 1st fret

F-----0-----0-|    Opening riff  

Turn the page, can't turn the light out  
Every word, every line, carries to my soul  
Dark letters on the page, singing so loud  

G                            F  
Where did I go wrong, not to hear your...  

Eighteen years, I guess it was alright  
I let you do the thinking, I'd just bide my time  
Father to son, Sunday hand me down  

G                            F  
Where did I go wrong, not to hear your song  

C G It's a beautiful sound G D Moving Through the crowd D F Voices lifted up D C On high for you C G It's a beautiful song G D We've only just begun D To understand F Am7 Rediscovering you
(Start Riff) Riff (2x) Verse 2 To have found you, and still be looking for you It's "the soul's paradox of love" You fill my cup, I lift it up for more G I won't stop, now that I'm free F I'll be chasing you, like you chased me Chorus Bridge (E Bar Chords) A A B C# D E 5 5 7 9 10 12 Chorus---With "Ahhh, ahh, oooh,ooh, ooooooh...." Chorus (3x) C G D Someone tells it's alright F G C You know it's going to be alright And thats it It's pretty simple if you know the sone. Blaschlee
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