Be Still


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Be Still

Year: 1994 - Album: Going Public

	  		*note* two different Choruses I will call them Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 
(Chorus 1) 

G              C9  G    G        C9  G 
Be Still and know he, know he is holy 

G              C9          D 
Be Still and know he is god 

(verse 1) 

          F                         C9 
We have filled our lives with inventions 

           F                    C9 
That have hurried us nowhwere fast  

         F                    C9                  G 
Now we need to turn our attentions to what will last 

(Chorus 2) 

G             C9  G    G         C9  G 
Be still and know he, know he is holy 

G             C9           D 
Be still and know he is god 

G              C9   G  G            C9  G 
Love him more dearly, see him more clearly 

G             C9         D 
Be still and know he is god 

(verse 2) 

  D            F                          C9 
We've been running our lives without direction 
         F                  C9 
We're afraid to get there late 
         F                        C9                G 
What we need is strength just to kneel down and wait 

(repeat Chorus 2) 
C9      G 
He is God 
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