Our God Is Holy


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Our God Is Holy

verse 1:

D     G          Bm 
Holy, our God is Holy           
G          D        G            Bm      G 
Full of perfection, spotless and pure                                      
D            G         Bm 
Righteous in light overwhelming                 
G         D                      Bm      G 
In Him no shadow, no darkness is found                                    

G Bm D A You are Holy, Holy, Holy Lord G Bm A You are Holy, Holy Lord
verse 2: Helpless, stained and degraded We turned against You, fell into shame Jesus, exchanging His glory Dying in my place, carries our sin verse 3: Jesus, winning salvation Risen in glory, His work is done Saviour, now with the Father Making us Holy, bringing us home Bridge: A Bm D/F# G Em Angels look on in awe A Bm D/F# G As earth joins with hea - vens song A Bm D/F# G Glory to Christ the King! A Bm A G Gloria! Gloria!
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