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Mama Ukulele tab

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by mcr%5Fromantic

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Year: 2006 - Album: The Black Parade

Key:  Em More
Mama Key BmBm
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Mama Key AmAm
Mama Key A#mA#m
  		Intro: Em (lower) Bm(upper)Dm(lower) Am (upper) 
Mama we all go to hell 
     Bm                      Dm                         Am 
Mama we all go to hell, Im writing this letter and wishing you well 
Mama we all go to 
(same pattern and chords) 
Mama we're all gonna die. 
Mama we're all gonna die. 
Stop asking me questions, I hate to see you cry. 
Mama we're all gonna die. 
(heavy strums) 
And when we go don't blame us, yeah, 
We let the fire just fade/flame us, yeah, 
You made us oh so famous 
We'll never let you go 

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