Mah Na Mah Na


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Mah Na Mah Na

	  		Afinação: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb 

Intro: E E/G# A A/B F#7 B7 E 

Verso: F#7 B7 E C#m (3x) 
       F#7 B7 E A E 

Mahna mahna 
(ba dee bedebe) 
Mahna mahna 
(ba debe dee) 
Mahna mahna 
(ba dee bedebe badebe badebe dee dee de-de de-de-de) 


Mah mama na mahna mah namwomp mwomp 
Ma mo mo mana mo 
Mahna mahna 
(ba dee bedebe) 
Mahna mahna 
(ba debe dee) 
Mahna mahna! 
(ba dee bedebe bedebe badebe debe de-de de-de-de) 

(long pause) 

...Mahna mahna?  

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Pate A: eb|-----------------4--7/9\7--2-2---2----------2-5-----2-4-0-| Bb|------4-5---5-7----------------5---5p2--------4---4-----0-| Gb|-4h6h---4-------------------------------4-----2-2-------1-| Db|--------6-6-------------------------------3---------------| Ab|---------------------------0-----2------------2-----------| Eb|--------0---------------------------------2---------------| Parte B: eb|-----------2-5-----2--4-------------------2--5-----2-4--------| Bb|-2-----------4---4------5---5----------------4---4-----5---5--| Gb|---5-4-3-----2-2----------4------------3-----2-2---------4----| Db|---------2-----------------------6-5-4---2--------------------| Ab|-------------2-----------------4-------------2----------------| Eb|-------2---------------0---------------2--------------0-------| eb|-------------2-5-----2-4-------4-----2-4---2-4-2-----0-0-0-0-0--------| Bb|---------------4---4-----5---7---5-------5-------2---0-0-2-2-0-----0--| Gb|---------3-----2-2---------4-------4---------------4-1-1-2-2-1---1----| Db|---6-5-4---2---------------------------------------------------2------| Ab|-4-------------2-----------------------------2-----------0------------| Eb|---------2-------------0---------------2-------------0-------0--------|
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