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Max Also Queen - Bogsquadian Rhapsody Ukulele tab

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by jov%2Dcorrea

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Max Also Queen - Bogsquadian Rhapsody


Is this the real life 
Is this just fantasy 
D7             Am7   D7 
Caught in the bog squad 
No escape from this weird cult thing 
Open your eyes 
     G7                    C 
Look up to logbog and see 
Am                 D7 
I'm just a member, I have no santa role 
            G#   G     F#   G 
Because I'm easy come, easy go, 
G#     G     F#     G 
little man, scoot along, 
C           G/B         Bbdim7         D7/A 
Any way the sants vote, doesn't really matter to me, 
To me 


G            Em 
Logobg, just joined the squad, 
Put my cursor on the link, 
            Am                 D 
Pressed left click, now i've joined, 
G              Em 
Logbog, how did i get here? 
    Am                Am/G#     Am/G Am/F#   Am/F Am/E 
And now how do i leave the bog squad? 
C    G Am 
Logbog ooooh, 
Didn't mean to make you cry 
   G                               C 
If I'm not back online this time tomorrow 
      G         Am        Fm                C 
Carry on, carry on, as if no one ever joined 



G           Em 
Campouts, what's this about? 
Sends shivers down my spine 
       Am                 D 
people joking all the time, 
G                        Em 
Hello everybody - I've got to come 
      Am               Am/G#      Am/G Am/F#    Am/F Am/E 
Gotta gotta come to pismo beach and face   the truth 
C    G Am 
Logbog ooooh (any way the sants vote) 
I want to be elf, 
  G                                      C 
I sometimes wish I'd never joined this at all 


| C G | Am  | Dm  | G   | 
| C G | Am  | Dm  | Bb  Bb A G# G | F#   | 

Interlude 1 

B F#                 B    F# 
I see a lanky silhouetto of a man, 
F#   B       F#   B       F#                 B  F# 
Remy-Foley, Remy-Foley, will you do the "legitimoose" 
A#              F          A         C#          F# 
Thundertrain and OP:D, very very frightening me 
WIGGLEBEES, Also fru - Magnifico 

G#  G      F#   G    G# G    F#    G 
I'm just a member,  no-body loves me. 
F    C      Cdim C   F      C    Cdim   C 
He's just a member from an old bogsness card. 
F             C/E            D        G    F  C/E  D#dim  Dm7 
Spare him his life from this cryptic server. 
G#   G     F#   G   G#       G      F#   G  C 
Easy join, easy leave, will you let me leave?  Evelyn! 
    G                    C 
No, we will not let you leave. (LET HIM LEAVE) Evelyn! 
G                    C             G 
We will not let you leave. (LET HIM LEAVE) Evelyn!  We will not let you leave. (LET ME LEAVE) 
Will not let you leave. (LET ME LEAVE)  Will not let you leave. (LET ME LEAVE) Never Never Never Let Me Leave 
G#m F#  B   A#  D#  G   C    N.C. 
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Oh, Stevioso, Stevioso 
     C           G      C   F         B          Em       G 
Stevioso, let me go.  Wilhelmina has a devil put aside for me, 


| C   | C   | C   | D   | 

Interlude 2 

G                           C          G      Bb 
  Hey my name is logbog and i'm the owner 
G                                  C           F 
  So you think you can love me and leave me for alliso 
Dm  G     Dm                    G 
Oh, tristo, can't do this to me tristo 
Dm             G     Dm             G           C 
Y'all gotta come down, y'all gotta come down to bog con 


|(C)  | C   | C   | D   | N.C.| 
| Ab  | F   | G   | G   | G   | 
| C  G  | Am  E Am | E Am G C | B  Em | F  C  | 


Am                Em 
Bogsquad really matters, 
Am         Em 
The members can see, 
Am                Fm    F/G                       C 
Bogsquad really matters, Bogsquad really matters to me, 


|(C) F/C | C  Cdim | 
| G/B  Gm/Bb | A    Bbdim | A A7 D    | 


G   D/F#    Ddim/F Em7    D 

G       x-x-5-4-3-x 
D/F#    x-x-4-2-3-x 
Ddim/F  x-x-3-1-3-x 
Em7     x-x-2-0-3-x 
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