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Justin Matthews - Sweet Ukulele tab

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by victborges

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Justin Matthews - Sweet

  		Verse: 1 
where did you come from baby? 
and howíd you end up here? 
i just wanna take it slow, baby 
my brainís in second gear 

A tempo, band enters 
i get the feeling we could be 
something built from destiny 
i just canít get enough 
taking spoonfuls of you, and they go down easy 

and once ive had it i cant quit 
like an addict, need my fix 
i swear to god if i cant have you 
i might just lose it 

B and you taste so fine on the tip of my tongue F# the sugar in your kiss has me feeling high-strung D#m youíre more than a snack, nothing less than a treat B oh babe, youíre so damn sweet
F# B D#m B Verse: 2 F# taste like a caramel candy B i need a second piece D#m the way you're looking, baby B i'm hooked to say the least F# every time that our hands touch B i get that crazy sugar rush D#m and i donít feel no crash B feels like you've turned my mind to flavored slush F# when you smile, i can't speak B my hands are cold, my knees are weak D#m i've never had one quite like you, B but you're what i seek Guitar Solo F# B D#m B D#m i tried to resist, but iím bowing defeat B oh babe, oh babe, my babe, youíre so damn sweet F#
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