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Echo Mann - I Left With No Conclusion Ukulele tab

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Echo Mann - I Left With No Conclusion

We all try to compromise 
     F                                  Am 
The lovely things that we all share in life 
So we can get away 
Try to find a better place 

    Bbmaj7            F 
But it might not be here 
           Am                             Dm 
Oh how I love the way you say my name my dear 

And this is all I have right now 
    F                                 Am 
A worldly tongue and a couple packs of beer 
So we can get away 

      Bbmaj7                        F 
In a dream that shuts out our mind's ears 
           Am                                 Dm 
So we can gain the strength and try again to hear 

And this is so 
This drags on 
So complicated 
Bbmaj7                 G 
And now my advice lays here 
Bbmaj7               A (hold) 
Scream it loud and clear 

Bbmaj7 Are you here now F Am Fighting for me Bbmaj7 Wide awake now F A This is only Bbmaj7 Our last chance now F Am We're losing the war Bbmaj7 Keep it up F A Don't daydream no more
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