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Chris Cotten - Just A Kid Ukulele tab

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by renejunior

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Chris Cotten - Just A Kid

  		Verse: 1 
G          D                C 
Up on that rooftop, we were wishing on a star 
G            D                         C 
Man I was on top of the world with you lying there in my arms 
G                     D                     C 
I was thinking how to steal a kiss when you leaned over and then 

G D C I was a man on the moon, you were a shooting star, we were cool as the wind G D C I was a runaway train, you were a hurricain, I felt the lightning when we kissed EM D C I lost my heart to a green eyed angel with ruby red lips EM D C ouu-ouuu I was just a kid x2
verse 2 G D C The next two weeks were some of the best days of my young life G D C I went to see you every day, Girl I loved your smile G D C We had some laughs, we had some fun, But damn when we made out verse 3 G D C I just could not wait to tell, all of my friends G D C i was so proud to call you mine, I couldnt hold it in G D C next thing i knew, the word had spread all over the school G D It was a lesson learned cause it came to an end C but girl up till then
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