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Cat Murphy Band - 5 Months Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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Cat Murphy Band - 5 Months

Intro: A D A E (x2) 

verse 1 
A              D              A 
5 months ago I met you on the road 
we were both singing our songs (la la la la la) 
A                      D                A 
5 months have passed I never would have guessed 
               E                   A 
those were the songs Iíd sing with you 

verse 2 
A                    D              A 
Now 4 months ago I remember getting cold (brrr) 
Sipping wine and laying on the beach (on the beach) 
A                D            A 
4 months ago you gave me your coat (thanks!) 
           E        A 
Now whatís yours is mine 

verse 3 
       A                D               A 
It was 3 months ago the sun was sinking low 
Summer love and lust was in the air (dee dee dee lee dee dee) 
A                    D           A 
3 months ago growing just like a rose 
              E           A 
Our love with blooming to life 

verse 4 
         A                   D          A 
And then 2 months ago we put on quite a show 
Hardly spent a day or night apart 
A              D           A 
2 months ago I made you my own 
            E           A 
Never spend another day alone 

A D A E (x2) 

Verse 5 
    Am            Dm           Am 
But 1 month ago I set off on a plane 
                     E     E7 
Never to return here again 
       Am            Dm       Am 
It was 1 month ago I left you behind 
           E       A 
I was only passing through 

Verse 6 

A                         D            A 
0 months ago I guess that brings us to today (yup) 
I moved my stuff in babe Iím here to stay 
  A                          D             A 
I sing this song to you Iíll sing it every day 
                 E       A 
now you know Iím here to stay 
                 D       A     D   A 
now you know Iím here to stay 
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