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Auto Pilot - Isnt She Lovely Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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Auto Pilot - Isnt She Lovely

verse 1 
          Bm7    E E7 
Isn't she lovely 
          Em  A7  D 
Isn't she wonderful 
          Bm7    E E7 
Isn't she precious 
              Em  A7  D 
Shes the only girl I want to hold 
           G                     F# 
And I never thought all of my life 
            Bm7        E E7 
I would find someone to call all mine 
              Em  F#   G   A7    D 
But isn't she lovely she got my heart. 

verse 2 
          Bm7    E E7 
Isn't she pretty 
          Em  A7  D 
Truly the angel's best 
          Bm7    E E7 
Boy, I'm so happy 
              Em  A7  D 
Im Pretty sure she was heaven sent 
           G                  F# 
I can't believe what God has done 
                Bm7            E E7 
He has blessed me with the right one 
              Em  F#   G    A7   D 
But isn't she lovely truely my love 

verse 3 
          Bm7    E E7 
I am so lucky 
          Em    A7     D 
Life and love are the same 
        Bm7    E E7 
Life is Ocean 
            Em          A7  D 
When water gets deep love jumps in 
            G                   F# 
years ago this couldnt be done 
                Bm7            E E7 
never thought Id singing this song 
                Em  F#             G 
But here I am in front of everyone singing 
at the top of my lungs 

verse 4 
          Bm7    E E7 
Honey. You are so lovely 
          Em  A7  D 
You look so beautiful in white 
          Bm7    E E7 
I remember the day 
          Em  A7  D 
you caught my eye 
           G               F# 
I promise to always love you right 
            Bm7        E E7 
Forever starting right here while 

I start to cry 
              Em  F#   G   A7    D 
I love you my darling. Forever. for life. 
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