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Angel Funes - La Pesadilla Ukulele tab

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by tercmoraes

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Angel Funes - La Pesadilla

  		Verse: 1 

I'm supposed to 
Be the one who makes you smile 
But instead I fuck it up and I make you cry 
Where are the days I promised would be bright? 
I drained all of your colors and I let you down 

Veo en tus ojos el sufrir, y no 
No se puede vivir así 
I want to see you move your body and soul 
C                                           Fmaj7 
Dancing to the rhythms of the ocean’s song 

C Fmaj7 And I ask C Fmaj7 Is there still hope? C Fmaj7 ¿Adonde estás? C Fmaj7 Will you come home? C Fmaj7 I know you’re sad C Fmaj7 I’ll turn your light C Fmaj7 Will you come back? C Fmaj7 To my arms C Fmaj7 To my heart
Verse: 2 C Fmaj7 La pesadilla de perderte, no la aguanta mi mente C No somos tan diferentes, solo que tú usas lentes Fmaj7 Yo cometo accidentes, y tu eres sorprendente C Dime si tu lo sientes, que la vida de repente Fmaj7 Nos entrego al destino, que a mi vida dió un giro C Me robaste un suspiro, y por eso yo te digo Fmaj7 C Que por siempre estaré contigo
Fmaj7 C And I ask Fmaj7 C Is there still hope? Fmaj7 C ¿Adonde estás? Fmaj7 C Will you come home?
Outro Fmaj7 C I’m on my knees Fmaj7 C Would you forgive? Fmaj7 Will you ever C Fmaj7 C love me as you did before? Fmaj7 C I won’t make you cry anymore Fmaj7 I know you’re sad C Fmaj7 I’ll turn your light C Fmaj7 Will you come back? C To my heart
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