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Phineas And Ferb - Isabellas Birthday Song Ukulele tab

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by renejunior

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Phineas And Ferb - Isabellas Birthday Song

Capo on 2nd fret

G                                     C/G 
Today is my birthday and there's just one thing I'm wishing for 
G                                       C/G 
To spend some time alone with a certain someone I adore 

Am                    D 
It doesn't have to be formal or fancy 
G                               C 
It's not a deal breaker if it's not romancy 
Am                           D               G 
After all of this time, I've lowered my expectations 

Am                   D 
Don't need a limo or a corsage, 
     G                      C 
Just him and me without the entourage 
And I won't be upset (I won't be upset) 
At this emotional roulette (Emotional roulette) 
          C                           D 
I'll take any little thing that I can get... 

Like eating some french fries: I'll take it! 
Stuck on a tarmac: I'm good! (I'm good!) 
Trapped under rubble: That's awesome! (That's awesome!) 
         C                 D 
Moving a piano: If we only could! 
Getting orthodontia: Sign me up! (Sign me up!) 
In a smelly subway car: I'm in! (I'm in!) 
We could be reupholstering a love seat: 
I call that a win-win! 

       Am                  D 
'Cause that's all I really want; 
          G                  C 
Just time alone with my triangular savant 
        Am                               F 
I'm not asking for the world; I'm just a simple girl 
            C                   D 
And I would change my mournful tone...  

If we could just be alone 
        C          G 
Just be alone... 
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