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The Music Played Ukulele tab

Matt Monro

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by gustsilva

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The Music Played


Intro: G#m C#m    Eb 

verse 1: 

G#m                                 C#m 
An angry silence lay where love had been 
            F#                      B 
And in your eyes a look I've never seen 
          G#m                             E 
If I had found the words, you might have stayed 
           C#m                        Eb 
But as I turned to speak the music played 

verse 2: (same chord pattern) 
As lovers dance their way around the floor  
I sat and watched you walk towards the door 
I heard a friend of yours suggest you stay 
And as he took your hand the music played 

Interlude: G#m C#m F# B G#m E C#m Eb 

C#m                 F# 
Across the darkened room 
The fatal signs I saw 
                 E       F#                  G#m             
You have been something more than friends before 
C#m                     F#          B 
While I was hurting you by clinging to my pride 
E                         C#m                Eb 
He had been waiting and I drove him to your side 

verse 3: (same chord pattern) 
I couldn't say the things I should have said 
Refuse to let my heart control my head 
But I was made to see the price I paid 
And as he held you close the music played 

Interlude: G#m C#m F# B G#m E  

And as I lost your love... 
The music played...  

Ending: G#m C#m F# B G#m E C#m Eb (fade) 

Intro: Am Dm   E 

Verse: Am Dm G C 
       Am F Dm E 

Chorus:Dm G C 
       F G Am 
       Dm G C 
       F Dm E 

       Am Dm G C 
       Am F Dm E 

Last part: Dm E 
Am Dm G C 
Am F Dm E (fade)  
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