Mary Lynn Rajskub

89 Volvo

Mary Lynn Rajskub



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89 Volvo

	  		D I drive an 89 Em Volvo 
Have you C seen it any{G}where? 
Cause D I can't seem to Em find it 
And C no one seems to G care 
D I don't know how it Em happened 
I never C lost a G car 
D I might have to Em retrace 
My C steps back to the G bar 
I C13 stepped into a puddle 
I'm bleeding from the lip 
My Am shirt's mysteriously opened 
Chords (tuning: E-A-D-G-B-e) 
D - xx0232 
Em - 022000 
C - x32010 
C13 - xx2313 
Am - x02210 
Tab posted & transcribed by Nadja Dee Witherbee (Seattle WA) [email protected] 

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