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God He Reigns Ukulele tab

Marty Sampson

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by 2u4ubyu

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God He Reigns


G     D   C     G 
Holy One, Holy One 
D/F#  Em     Asus4 A  Dsus4  D 
All creation bows  to wor - ship 
G    D     C    G D/F# 
Hallelujah Hallelujah 
Em   A/C#    Dsus4   D 
Glory in the high - est 

D/C     G/B         C 
I will sing I will sing 
    Esus4   E   C(6)9  Dsus4 
His prai - ses forever 
D G Em D God He Reigns, God He Reigns G/B C G Dsus4 D Holy is the Lord of hea - ven D#aug Em Asus4 God He Reigns, God He Reigns A C D forever more
Other: D C D Other 2: Am7 C All I need is You G D All I need is You, Lord, Is You Lord (15x) 2004 Hillsong Publishing (Admin. in U.S. & Canada by Integrity's Hosanna! Music) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. CCLI song #4462402
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