Marshall Tucker Band

Try One More Time

Marshall Tucker Band



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Try One More Time

G                 C            
My glass is empty but innocently  
       D                             C  Am7 G  
Just sittin here  thinking how much you mean to me   
Thought about leavin but you know you're one of a kind  
Even though we tried it all   
      C                 G  
I like to try one more time   
Sat.night at the party you wore finest dress  
you walked around in style so much finer than the rest  
But when you walked up to me you know I was so proud 
C                            G     Am7        G     F  
As I look at your picture my mine searches the past  
C                     G            D  
A love such as ours I know it will last  
G                           C  
Guess I 'll get in the car and drive on home  
I hate the thought  you being there   
C         C/B    Am7 G  
With out me all alone  
And when I walk to the door   
And your sweet body touches mine  

Honey even though we've tried it all 

I'd like to try one more time 
 fade ending  
I found this in a box of music..I had hand writtin   
it 1980..Enjoy  

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