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Lawd You Made The Night Too Long Ukulele tab

Louis Armstrong

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by terr%5Fschmitz

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Lawd You Made The Night Too Long


         Dm                                  Dm Gm Dm 
Night am creepin', slowly creepin', down the lane 
          F                 Bbm            F     A7 
Stars are peeping', and I'm weepin' once again 
        Dm               F 
I'm not finding fault at all 
          Bbm              Dm 
You're too big and I'm too small 
  Bb7                                A+    A7 
Besides oh Lawd it's sinful to complain 

verse 1 
              Dm               A7 
You made the river flow, the flowers grow 
Dm                            Gm 
   You made the weak and the strong 
     Dm        A7  Dm   Bb7   A7  Dm 
But Lawd, you made the night too long 

verse 2 
You made the robin sing a song of spring 
And me you gave a lonely song 
Oh Lawd that's why the night's so long 

A                    E7 
I've got a heart and I got a cabin 
    A            B7 
The door is open wide 
C                        G7 
What good's a heart, and what good's a cabin 
    C              A7 
if nobody lives inside? 

verse 3 
You made the mountain high, the earth the sky 
So who am I to say you're wrong 
but Lawd you made the night too long 
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