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La vie en rose Ukulele tab

Louis Armstrong

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by europeu

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La vie en rose

  		C       Cm7       Cm7/6   Cm7 
Hold me close and hold me fast, 
     C        Cm7  Cm7/6 Cm7 
This mag - ic spell you cast, 
    Cm7/6   Cm7    Dm7   G7 
This  is La Vie En Rose. 
Dm       Dm7+            Dm7 
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs, 
    Dm6              Dm6/G        
And though I close my eyes, 
  Dm7   Dm7/5-     C    Am   Dm7  G7 
I see La Vie En Rose. 
C        Cm7     Cm7/6     Cm7 
When you press me to your heart, 
   C      Cm7 Cm7/6 Cm7 
I'm in a world  a - part, 
  Cm7/6       C7         F 
A world where ro - ses bloom; 
    Fm        F#m7            C9          C 
And when you speak, An - gels sing from above; 
Dm           Dm7+          Dm7         G    G7 
Ev' - ry day words seem to turn  into love songs. 
C        Cm7       Cm7/6   Cm7 
Give your heart and soul to me 
     C        Cm7 Cm7/6 Dm7 
And life will al - ways be 
First Time 
G7 Dm7 Fdim  C    G#7   Dm7  G7 
La Vie  En  Rose. 
Last Time 
G7 Dm7 Fdim  C 
La Vie  En  Rose. 

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