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Sleepin Tight Ukulele tab

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Sleepin Tight

G                                     Em 
If I had one wish oh, I would sleeping tight 
G                         D                 C 
Rest my weary eyelids and drift off in the night 
 G                                                 Em 
But here I'm contemplating and in comes the morning light 
G                       D                 C 
I choke on my breath as clouds go rolling by 
Em C G In my dreams oh, your face it is quite clear Em C D G I held you so close were did you disappear?
Verse G Em Yonder comes my baby she's prayin' for a smile G D C She sees the hurt I'm in and the devil in my eyes G Em She knows I'm dreading but hoping for a sign G D C A long lost friend would save me from my nightmares tonight
Em C G I kept on walking and refused that free ride Em C D G Said I'm searching for a ghost have you seen him pass by?
Verse G Em Somewhere I'm pickin' daisies oh I'm laughin' like a child G D C Far from misfortune and my worn out tortured mind G Em Maybe someday I'll see you on a lonely drunken train ride G D C You could pick a melody and I'll just close my eyes
Em C G Life is hell and God can't put you through it twice Em C D G Dreams are in between but I ain't sleepin' tonight
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