Livingston Taylor

Hush A Bye

Livingston Taylor

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Hush A Bye

Written by Livingston Taylor

D           A7sus4   F#m       Asus4 
Nail and stone it was my life  

         G         A7sus4        D 
And dreams were always grown.  

D        Asus4      F#m        Bm 
I'd build lovers   into wives  

G                 Em         A   
And dreams into fine homes.  

Bm          F#m       Bm         F#m           
As simple as it seemed to me, 

 Bm           A                  D 
You would not see me smiling,  

G        F#m          Bm           A 
And I would cry to watch you try  

G       D/F#        Em     A 
To live your life to die.  

D              A7sus4   
So hush a bye 

F#m          A7sus4 
Don't you cry  

D       A7sus4    G D/F# Em A7sus4 
Go to sleep my love;  

D            A7sus4 
Dry your eyes 

F#m          A7sus4 
And dream of  

G D/F# Em A7sus4 D 
You're the one I love.  

I did pray to be like you  

To be part of your life,  

But you were lost to richer lands  

Your friends to foot the price.  

And somewhere I just saw clearly  

What you were thinking of  

The diff'rence 'tween us must have been  

That someone gave me love.  

So hush a bye  

Don't you cry  

Go to sleep my love;  

Dry your eyes  

And dream of  

You're the one I love. 
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