Les Miserables

A Heart Full Of Love

Les Miserables

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A Heart Full Of Love

	  		A  E/G#  F#m 

  A     E6/Ab   F#m 
A heart full of love 

  A     E6/Ab   F#7 
A heart full of song 

I'm doing everything all wrong 

Oh God, for shame 

I do not even know your name 

Dear Mad'moiselle 

G7           Cm 
  Won't you say? 

F           A     E6/Ab   F#m 
  Will you  tell? 
          A heart full of love 

   A     E6/Ab  F#7 
No fear, no   regret 

My name is Marius Pontmercy 

And mine's Cosette 

Cosette, I don't know what to say 

Then make no sound 

G7     Cm 
  I am lost 

F       A     E6/Ab   F#m 
  I am  found! 
      A heart full of light 

  A     E6/Ab     F#7 
A night bright as day 
A heart full   of you 

And you must never go away 

Cosette, Cosette 

                            Dm      G 
This is a chain we'll never break 

G7      Cm 
  Do we dream? 

F          A     E/G#    F#m 
  We're a--wake! 
         A heart full of love 

F#m                  A     E6/Ab   F# 
He was never mine to lose 
                  A  heart full of you 

F#                                     Bm 
Why______________regret what could not be? 
   A single look and_________then  I   knew. 

          Bb                             Dm 
I knew it too 
             These are words he'll never say 

G7               Cm           F          Bb 
  Not to me            Not to me, not to me. 
            From today 
                                         Ev'ry day, 

    Eb          Gm       Bb 
His heart_______full  of love. 
         for it isn't a  dream, 

         Cm  F7          Bb 
Not a    dream af---ter  all. 
he  will never feel this way. 
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