Leonard Cohen

The Goal

Leonard Cohen

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The Goal

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Em C B B7 Em e|---------0---------|---------2----0--------| B|----0---------1----|----4----4----0--------| G|----0---------0----|----4----2----0--------| D|-------------------|-----------------------| A|--------------3----|----2----2-------------| E|----0--------------|--------------0--------|

Verse 1:

Em C I can't leave my house B B7 Em Or answer the phone C I'm going down again B7 But I'm not alone

Verse 2:

B Settling at last Em Accounts of the soul C This for the trash B B7 Em That paid in full

Verse 3:

C As for the fall, it C/B Am Began long ago B7 Can't stop the rain Em Can't stop the snow

Verse 4:

G I sit in my chair Am I look at the street B7 The neighbor returns Em My smile of defeat

Verse 5:

C C/B Am I move with the leaves B7 I shine with the chrome Em I'm almost alive Em C I'm almost at home

Verse 6:

B B7 No one to follow Em And nothing to teach C Except that the goal Em Falls short of the reach
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