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Never, Never Land Ukulele tab

Lena Horne

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Never, Never Land


E7  A      Cdim        A          D9 
I  have a place where dreams are born, 
      A     D9   D6/9  A        E7 
And time is never    planned 
D9    A     D9 Cdim  A   F#m             
It's not on any   chart,      
          G      G/F#        G/B  A4/7 
You must find it with your heart  
A   F#m D9 Bm5-/7 A  F#m  D9   
Never,    never    land. 
E7  A       Cdim     A         D9 
It might be miles beyond the moon, 
     A          D9  D6/9   A       E7 
Or right there where you stand. 
D9    A      D9 Cdim  A   F#m       
Just have an open    mind,     
     G    G/F#      G/B   A4/7 
and suddenly you'll find 
A    D9  E7   Fdim   A    D9  A   G#7 
Never,    never     land. 

        C       Dm7            G7 
You'll have a treasure if you stay there, 
      C        Dm7     G7 
More precious far than gold; 
     A             E7        F#m 
For once you have found your way there, 
        D9    Bm5-/7  Fdim  E7 
You can never, never grow old. 
E7   A        Cdim         A        D9 
And that's my home where dreams are born 
     A      D9   D6/9 A      E7 
And time is nev - er planned 
D9     A      D9    Cdim  A   F#m           
Just think of lovely    things    
          G        G/F#      G/B  A4/7 
And your heart will fly with wings 
   F#m     D9  E7 D9  Fdim  A 
Forever in never,  never   land. 
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