Lee Kernaghan

Skinny Dippin'

Lee Kernaghan

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Skinny Dippin'

Well Sally told Debbie, Debbie told me 
they caught Suzie down by the creek 
splashin around with Jones boy stretch 
seems they were in way over there heads. 
F Skinny dippin, from head to toe C Skinny dippin, what a way to go G7 I know a little water hole down by the creek C Come on skinny dippin with me.
C Well I went dippin, with Suzie last night C when down through the trees came my boss and his wife C held our breath 'till we were both turning blue C when we came up they were doing it too! Chorus:...Skinny dippin... (instrumental C F C G C F C G C) C Fat or skinny, short or tall C the shape your in don't matter at all C if your feelin unshure about where to begin C just slip off ya gear, and jump right in! Chorus...x2 alt(come on baby do it with me) (Instrumental C F C G C F C G C) Worked out by Jas for private use only! www.geocities.com/gondwanna_country
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