Land Of Trees

You're My Gold

Land Of Trees

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You're My Gold

C  Dm  F  G 


     C               Dm 
We travel down to Southern Europe 
      F                G 
Where I can see your smile 
    C              Dm 
We walk around without a map 
     F               G 
and sit down for a while 

     C                   Dm 
You calm my mind with loving words 
     F            G 
And help me understand 
        C                Dm 
We're listening to the singing birds 
     F                  G 
and hold each other's hands 


     Em             Am 
And when the sun is falling 
      Dm               G 
We'll go down to the beach 
      Em             Am 
The water stretches up so high 
     Dm            G 
But it will never reach 

C Dm F Our tired feet G C Dm F We're dancing to the beat G C Dm F G Of our hearts
C Dm F G Verse C Dm You tell me once again F G That everything will be alright C Dm The week rushes by F G as every day turns in to night C Dm We try to keep our balance F G And help each other out C Dm And I can't help but feel like F G This is what life is all about Bridge Em Am Then you look me in the eyes Dm G And I can see your soul Em Am Your quiet but I still hear the words Dm G You never told
C Dm F G You're my gold C Dm F G You're my gold C Dm F G You're my gold C Dm F G You're my C Dm F G You're my gold C Dm F G Oh, the best thing for my soul C Dm F G And for my heart C Dm F G Right from the start
C Dm F G x3 Outro C Dm F G You tell me once again that everything will be alright..
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