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Did It Again Ukulele tab

Kylie Minogue

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Did It Again

(Anderson / Minogue / Seaman)

  		Verse 1 
Clever girl, think you are but you think to much 
F#m                   D                            A 
Shut down turn around, don't look that way anymore. 
(N.C)  A 
Clever girl, think you know but you don't know much 
F#m                D                      A 
Try to make a move, go to a different door 
            E            A 
You know its all in your head 
           E                   A  
You better put that business to bed 
By your fair hands of design  
                 D               E 
You met with the monster in your mind 
You did it again, you did it again 
Won't you listen to me when I'm telling you 
D                 A 
It's no good for you 
Verse Two 
(N.C)  A 
Clever girl, you think you're right but what's right from wrong? 
F#m                  D                          A 
Little Miss Genius, you make it hard on yourself 
(N.C)                                                   A (Wah) 
Clever girl, you've got it all but you're all messed up 
F#m                                          A 
Time now turn around, move on to something else 
            E             A 
You know it's all in your head 
           E                    A 
You better put that business to bed 
What you see nobody sees 
        D                  E 
It only brings you to your knees 
Repeat Chorus X2 
Instrumental Chorus 
Repeat Refrain 
Repeat Chorus X3 
Instrumental Chorus and End On A 
(Try playing the E to A parts of the Refrain clean, then go back to overdrive on F#m) 

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