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Stoppin The Love Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by glauciaregi

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Stoppin The Love

So you think it's funny 
                G#m7      Gm7  F#m7 
That you been callin me all of the time 
B7  C7 B7 
E                          G#m7   Gm7  F#m7 
Oh honey, I don't wanna be followin and fallin behind 
                  B7 C7  B7 
if you're gonna be walking away 

    Am           B7                 E 
And I don't know why, I would not follow 
            Am  B7 
would not follow.... 


E                    A 
You got me looking up 
Even when I'm fallin down 
                     C9        B7 
You got me crawling out of my skin 
E                      A 
You got me wondering why 
I am underneath this big old sky 
    C9               B7 
Stopping the lovin getting in 
    E9                      A 
Yes, I'm stoppin the lovin getting in 

(E   G#m7      Gm7  F#m7     B7  C7 B7) 
Now you say it's easy, 
That you've been fallin for all of my charm 

And getting lost in my smile 

Never ceases to amaze me, 

When I'm chancin my arm 

That I still do it with style 

Am           B7         
And now I hope 
You'll be with me tomorrow 
           Am  B7 
With me tomorrow 


    E9                      A 
Yes, I'm stoppin the lovin getting in 

(E9     A) 

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