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She Thinks My Tractors Sexy Ukulele tab

Kenny Chesney

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She Thinks My Tractors Sexy

	  I play this song with CAPO 2nd Fret 
Verse 1. 
Plowing these fields in the hot summer sun 
Over by the gate Lordy, here she comes 
         C                                                 G 
With a basket full of chicken and a big cold jug of sweet tea 
I make a little room and she climbs on up 
Open up the throttle and stir a little dust 
      C                                  D 
Just look at her face, she ain't foolin' me 
She thinks my tractors sexy 
D                   G 
It really turns her on 
She's always staring at me 
D                     G 
While I'm chugging along 
      C                   G 
She likes the way it's pulling  
            D             G 
While I'm tilling up the land 
       C           G              D 
She's even kinda crazy 'bout my farmers tan 
C          G             D           G          C 
She's the only one who really understands what gets me 
She thinks my tractors sexy 
D                       G 
She thinks my tractors sexy 
Verse 2. 
We go back and forth till we run out of light 
Take it to the barn, put it up for the night 
Climb up in the hay loft, sit and talk with the radio on 
She says she's got a dream and I ask what it is 
She wants a little farm and a yard full of kids 
One more teeny, weenie ride before I take her home 
(Repeat Chorus) 
G         D  
Well she ain't into cars or pick-up trucks 
But if it runs like a Deere man her eyes light up 
She thinks my tractors 
(Repeat Chorus) 

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