KaŽau Crater Boys

Stand By Me

KaŽau Crater Boys

ukulele Beginner beginner

by  JAWS

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Stand By Me

	  		Intro  F  F  Dm  Dm  Bb  C7  F  C7 
         F               Dm 
When the night has come,   and the land is dark 
        Bb          C7               F      C7 
And the moon is the only light we`ll see 
     F                     Dm 
No I won`t be afraid, no I won`t be afraid 
        Bb          C7              F 
Just as long as you stand, stand by me 
   C7              F                  
So darling darling stand by me oh..... 
Dm                  Bb    C7         F               C7 
stand by me oh..... stand,  Stand by me, stand by me 
       F                      Dm 
If the sky that we look upon, should tumble and fall 
       Bb                C7             F      C7 
Or the mountains, should crumble to the sea 
        F                      Dm 
I won`t cry, I won`t cry, no I won`t shed a tear 
        Bb          C7              F 
Just as long as you stand, stand by me 
Chorus/Instrumental/Repeat 2nd verse/chorus 
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