KaŽau Crater Boys


KaŽau Crater Boys


by  JAWS

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    A7             D7          G7               C 
Ho'i ke aloha 'ia Palolo, kau'a lilihua kilihune nei 
     A7              D7              G7            C 
Kau'a no ia olu ka mana'o,  honehone ae nei ka pu'uwai 
     A7               D7           G7             C 
Kani a kaleo o kekolo hala, ka'ulu kukui honehone nei 
        A7             D7         G7               C 
Ha'ina 'ia mai ana kapuana, kau'a lilihua kilihune nei 
        A7         D7           G7              C      G7 
Ha'ina 'ia mai ana kapuana, ho'i ke aloha 'ia Palolo,  
      C     G7       C  
'ia Palolo,    'ia Palolo 
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