Justin Townes Earle

Look The Other Way

Justin Townes Earle

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Look The Other Way

Capo on 2nd fret


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Intro Riff e|---------------0--2--0--------------------------------------------| B|-----------3------------3-------3---------------------------------| G|-----2h4--------------------4-------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
D Bm Mama I'm hurting, in the worst way D Bm I got no money in my pocket, no place to stay G D And when I see you out in the streets A D Never know what to say G Oh but it doesn't matter mama A D If you always look the other way D Bm Mama I'm searching, every night and day D Bm I'm looking for the means to pay G D For all the wrongs that I've done A D For the nights I left you alone to wait G Oh but I?m always gonna owe you A D If you always look the other way Solo: G A D (2x) Bm D I've been a fool, I know Bm D I'm trying to find a way to show you G A That you're the only one G A The only one I'll ever want D Bm So I'm learning, learning to be a better man D Bm I'm not certain but I think I can now G D Won't put it far for sure just know A D I've done all I can do to change G A D But you?re never gonna notice if you always look the other way G Mama you?re never gonna notice... A D If you always look the other way A D
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