Jonas Brothers

I Gotta Find You

Jonas Brothers

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I Gotta Find You

	  		Capo on 4Th  
Intro: C9-G-D-Em   C9-G-D  

C9             G         D        Em  
Everytime I think I'm close to the heart  
C9          G              D      
What it means to know just who I am  
C9            G               D              Em  
I think I've finally found a better place to start  
C9                   G             D     
No one ever seems to understand  
Em   D               C9		     G  
   I need to try to get to where you are  
Em        D          C9       D  
Could it be you're not that far?  

C9 G You're the voice I hear inside my head D The reason that I'm singing C9 G I need to find you D I gotta find you
C9 G You're the missing pease i need D The song inside of mi C9 G I need to find you D I gotta find you
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