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I washed my hands in muddy water Ukulele tab

Johnny Rivers

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by europeu

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I washed my hands in muddy water

  		  D                  A7 
I was born - - in Macon, Georgia 
They kept my dad - - in the Macon jail 
                      D7        G 
Dad said "Son, if you keep your hands clean 
 D                   A7                  D 
You won't hear them bloodhounds on your trail" 
 D                             A7  
But I fell in - - with bad companions 
We robbed a man - - in Tennessee 
                              D7    G 
The sheriff caught me - - way up in Nashville 
      D                A7            D 
They locked me up and threw away the key 
   D                            A7 
I washed my hands - - in muddy water 
I washed my hands - - but they didn't come clean 
                       D7    G 
I tried to do - - like Daddy told me 
       D                   A7               D 
But I must have washed my hands in a muddy stream 
I asked the jailor - - "When's my time up?" 
He said "Son - - we won't forget 
And if you try - - to keep your hands clean 
We may make a good man of you yet" 
I couldn't wait - - to do my sentence 
I broke out of the Nashville jail 
I just crossed - - the line of Georgia 
And I can hear them bloodhounds on my trail 
Repeat Chorus 

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