Johnny Mathis

Fly Me To The Moon

Johnny Mathis

ukulele Intermediate intermediate


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Fly Me To The Moon

	  		Fly Me To The Moon:Johnny Mathis. 
On the charts in 1956. 

Dm7           Gm7 
Fly me to the moon and 
       G7             CM7   C7 
let me sing among the stars. 
FM7             Bm7/5- 
Let me see what Spring is like 
   A7          Dm7  D7 
on Jupiter and Mars. 
   Gm7          C7      Am7  D7 
In other words, hold my hand. 
   Gm7          C7       Em7/5-  A7 
In other words, darling, kiss   me. 

Dm7                Gm7 
Fill my heart with song and 
       G7            CM7  C7 
let me sing for ever more. 
FM7           Bm7/5-           A7          Dm7   D7 
You are all I long for..all I worship and adore. 
   Gm7          C7     D#7  Am7/5- D7 
In other words, please be   true. 
   Gm7          C7     F   A#dim F 
In other words, I love you. 


A fifties smash from Kraziekhat. 
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