Johnny Flynn

Where My Father Went

Johnny Flynn

ukulele Intermediate intermediate


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Where My Father Went

(verse 1) 

          A             E 
It was a busy year for death 
     F#m             E 
She crept about the palace. 
    A             E 
And we had poor defense 
    F#m            E 
And she had little malice 
   A               E 
A gentle touch put here - 
  F#m            E 
A sad and curt embrace. 
   A           E 
A wooden kiss enough 
   F#m                E 
To put them in their place. 

              A      E 
And where my father went 
    A              E            A E 
Is not now common knowledge; 
     A             E 
The inventory was lent 
    A                   E       A E 
To some old Cambridge college. 


A E C#m A 
A E C#m A 

(verse 2) Same as verse 1 

I had little faith then, 
Nothing spoke to me. 
When what you see is Gospel, 
The Gospel isnít free. 
And Krishnaís conch is sunk, 
The lotus not in bloom, 
Solomonís song unsung 
And prayers are called too soon. 

So where my father went 
Is wind against the Mountain 
His love was all but spent 
So mine is as a fountain. 

(verse 3) 

All the fruit turn red, 
Some of them are still green 
But never will you see one 
Thatís stuck and in between. 
As all came from a garden 
Where the wind has died down low 
And there my father went 
To help the green fruit grow. 


He tends them with a smile, 
His fingers stroke the leaves. 
Heíll never leave the garden, 
It's all that I believe. 

(Instrumental Verse, Chorus, and Interlude)  
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