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It Couldn't Have Been Any Better Ukulele tab

Johnny Duncan

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It Couldn't Have Been Any Better

(Johnny Duncan)

  		C                          F           Dm 
She just sat there and she brushed her hair 
G                          C     F  G  C 
Lord, it sure was dark and long 
C                    F         Dm 
I got up and drank a half warm beer 
G                          C      
Found my boots and put 'em on 
She was not sure where she stood with me 
As she straightened out her clothes 
So I kissed her warm red lips again 
And I whispered soft and low..Baby 
   C                      F 
It couldn't have been any better 
   G                      C  
It couldn't have been any sweeter 
   F                         Dm 
We couldn't have climbed any higher 
        D7                     G  
If we'd been to the top of the world 
   C                     F 
We couldn't have got any closer 
   G                      C   
We couldn't have gone any farther 
   F                      Dm 
It couldn't have been any better 
    G                       C 
And you're my best friend's girl 
With a tender look she said goodnight 
And I turned and walked away 
Just before I closed that door and left 
I could hear her softly 
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