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Wide open Road Ukulele tab

Johnny Cash

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by CNilsen

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Wide open Road

Well, you said you had enough you said that you where leavin` 
        F                             C 
I said shovel off honey baby i ain`t greavin 
Pack your bags and pull out this evening  
          G           C 
Theres a wide open road 
On saturday mornin you where nowhere about it 
So i searched the town but you had done pulled out  
           C                                                G          C 
I looked north, east, west and then leadin` south i saw a wide open road 
Theres a wide open road  
              F              C 
Its leadin south from my abroad 
         F                        C 
If you stick around and turn your dampers down 
          G           C 
Theres a wide open road 
Well the reason i was looking for you all over town 
Was to tell you that your kitty cat is still around 
And you left your wedding ring when you went down that wide open road 
If you gonna stay away then honey let me know how to cook hot buiscits 
How to roll a dow, everythings gone crazy since i told you to go  
Down a wide open road 
Theres a wide open road  
And honey i want you to know 
You can look down south or you can turn back home 
And theres a wide open road 
Tabed by Christoffer Nilsen - Norway 

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